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With “ spoopy ” season arriving at a close, we’re quickly approaching the best time of the year for rishtay wali aunties, or match-making aunties: cuffing season.

This might be year round for y’all if you’re a woman in your twenties. You’ll get stopped at random supper events and questioned regarding the life plans by aunties you’ve never met. Your dad might return home from jummah, saying he simply went into some guy you decided to go to primary school with, who’s an engineer now at a technology start-up. Your grandmother will ask (lacking any type or variety of subtlety) when you’ll be engaged and getting married.

And perhaps you’re ready to accept the concept, or having some severe FOMO sifting through engagement notices on your own Facebook website. Maybe it is a variety of PMS, and child fever. Or possibly the pieces have really actually (alhumdulillah) get together, and you also feel willing to get hitched. Regardless of the good explanation, you’ve started initially to think about your options. You’re away from college now, and hadn’t actually liked anybody when you look at the MSA.

Exactly what are your choices? You scour the net pages of the masjid that is local for events. There’s that woman within the community that knows the information on almost everyone. After which there are dating apps.

And so I, and our social networking Editor Hadeel, endured the embarrassing group of Muslim dating pages so that you don’t need to (you’re extremely welcome). Here’s exactly what took place. Hadeel is going to be like an interjecting ghost throughout this informative article. She simply desires someplace to vent.

The Set-Up


As I’ve gotten older, my relationship with wedding is quite tumultuous. All too often, it feels as though a task, a product to test down on society’s listing of objectives. I happened to be raised convinced that i might graduate university at 22, start working, to get hitched right after. At twenty-five, I’ve discovered that that proposed schedule is normally impractical. You will find outliers needless to say, exceptions to your guideline, but also for a lot of women, it could little take a more hours.

The tradition around marriage within South Asian Muslim communities can usually breed toxicity—something I’ve had the unique possibility to witness first-hand. Tweet

The months, or years after, but, may be hard on our self-image, making us wonder if there is one thing we’d done incorrect for without having the fairytale at twenty-three, fueled by the commentary designed to us by other ladies we all know. You can find evaluations made between us, unsolicited advice provided, recommendations to reconsider men you had rejected for legitimate reasons. The culture around marriage within South Asian Muslim communities can frequently reproduce poisoning — one thing I’ve had the opportunity that is unique witness first-hand.

The thing is that, my mom is our regional rishtay wali auntie; this woman is the individual individuals seek out when hoping to get their kiddies hitched. Her email is cluttered with files saturated in info on qualified people given by their concerned moms and dads. They’ll call and provide the basic principles: title, age, career, a promise to deliver their kids’ pictures in the hour. Their sounds will always hurried, worn out with worry because the youngster is regarding the brink of, or has recently aged from the timeline that is post-grad had mentioned earlier in the day. With respect to the moms and dad, they could also record their requirements; these will differ from “must come from a good household” to “doctor”, and “fair epidermis, skinny”. Needing to endure these conversations second-hand, it’s unsurprising that I would personally be skeptical associated with the procedure, searching for other avenues that might be utilized to obtain hitched.

A real time check my mom during her standout performance in Mulan (1998).

Admittedly, I became ashamed to use marriage apps. I’d heard the shaadi.com jokes, the Tinder horror tales. But we liked the chance of agency, of cutting out of the middleman and forging an association with some body for genuine. Then there have been the insecurities — just just what I knew if I stumbled across someone? Let’s say, even with widening the pool of possible suitors, no body liked me personally? Statistics will inform you that that’s unlikely — you will find literally hundreds, if you don’t thousands, of users for each among these applications — but I became worried.

The flip-side of having complete control in this example ended up being you additionally assumed 100% associated with the obligation if things didn’t pan down. Hesitantly, we downloaded several of the most apps that are popular: Muzmatch, Minder, and solitary Muslim.

We attempted to help keep my information and pictures constant across these platforms, being a control team in this social test. A length that is medium of my passions, several (greatly) filtered pictures, additionally the tagline “seeking future Instagram spouse” rounded away my profile. The apps had some commonalities among them in this process. They might ask a few of the questions that are same some had been anticipated (name, age, career), as well as others were more astonishing.


My set-up process wasn’t as in-depth. We just worked with Muzmatch and Minder. Whilst it took me a minute to obtain throughout the internalized weirdness that we held around Muslim dating apps (to phrase it differently, the cringe) russian brides, that quickly melted away when I justified it with “It’s for a write-up, ” and went to my merry downloading way. Like nearly all you, my interest had been intense. Additionally, i truly desired a Valentine this present year (spoiler alert: I’m single and chocolate-less AGAIN, but it is fine and I’m totally not upset about this). We don’t have actually screenshots of my profile (due primarily to the aforementioned cringe), but I am able to let you know so it had some recommendations to Karl Marx being my MCM, and my love for Soulja Boy. There clearly was a tremendously niche demographic that I became wanting to attract—men whom like socialism and…Soulja kid.

Solitary Muslim


Muzmatch and Minder had fairly standard groups for the many component. Solitary Muslim, nonetheless, took these concerns one step further, going in terms of asking your citizenship status, income, whom you reside with, locks and attention color, your beard choices (yes, you read that correctly), and permitted you to definitely list any disabilities you may have. Not just had been these records utilized to accomplish your profile, but inaddition it provided users the possibility to find by each and any mixture of these faculties.

Away from fascination, we tried testing this down by filtering pages by various groups. U.S. Resident and muscular, blond and blue eyes, architects with learning disabilities. This feature concerned me as a user. Certain, for those who have particular needs, it would likely help save you a while. You can examine down all of your demands, and flip through the profiles that fit precisely what you’re shopping for. But, that I was trying to run from for me, it felt exclusionary, perpetuating the same culture. That isn’t to express that you need ton’t have ideals for the future spouse because, all too often, young women can be taught to stay, or raised to think that we’re requesting a lot of, that “purey packages nahi milthay” (translation: the package that is full unattainable). But this felt different. Following a day’s reviewing profiles, i experienced determined that solitary muslim may possibly not be my cup of chai, and managed to move on.


Hi, me personally once again. I did son’t make use of Solitary Muslim. Why? Because i did son’t desire to. Thanks for reading.

Minder and Muzmatch


Making sure that left me with Minder and Muzmatch. Both these apps would allow you to record whether or not you smoked, consumed liquor, or consumed halal meals only. There have been additionally religiosity meters that could enable you to gauge how practicing another user may be, if that was something which mattered for you.

My day that is first on apps had been invested nervously swiping through men, concerned about whom I’d find, and just how they might react to my profile. Had been it funny sufficient, too individual, a long time? In the middle of these concerns, We very nearly hadn’t noticed the commonalities among the males I happened to be flipping through. The comparable looks within their pictures, the Drake one-liners, or perhaps the key smashes to obtain out of composing a actual bio. The lightweight misogyny, or guarantees in order to make me laugh, if perhaps we swiped appropriate. You’ve noticed them too if you’ve been on these apps, maybe. And if you’re simply joining, I’ve compiled many of them below, in a handy Bingo Board. For just what may be a little bit of a tiresome process, perhaps this may ensure it is that significantly more amusing:

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